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Monday, July 04, 2011

Sleep Rebel

There's no doubt that Pon is my son. From his love of nutella and mac n cheese to the way his eyes crinkle when he's truly happy, he's mine. And apparently is also an insomniac like mommy. I don't know why the kid hates sleep so much! Tonight, he spent and HOUR (all added up, not all at once) in the bathroom after Pug and I had tucked him into bed. Separately. Pug worked today, so he's been in bed since 12:30. Pon, on the other hand, still awake. Actually staying in his room, mind you, but telling Woody and Buzz stories.

I had planned on cleaning the kitchen after Pug and Pon were abed, sleeping. Heydew is coming over tomorrow and we're trying our hands at cake balls. When I told Lala what we were planning for the holiday she had no idea what cake balls were. Neither she nor Papa had ever heard of them. I was astounded. I mean, Starbucks sells them, how has anyone not heard of cake balls yet? But Lala's not a coffee drinker, and Papa prefers to spend his money on well, not Starbucks.

So, it's been 15 minutes since that last sentence. Pon came out and wanted a shirt. So, after shirting him, he said, "Morning, Mommy!" Cute, but no. He then tried (unsuccessfully) to climb in bed with Pug. After tears and mumbled "Go to BED"s Pon is now snuggled on the couch with milk watching Toy Story 3 for the 8,909,721,347,862,734,675 time. Rough estimate. I'm still going to clean the kitchen, but it'll be to the dulcet tones of old depressed toys rather than my Adele Pandora station.

I'd be upset, but this is still kind of an early night for me. Except I'm usually the one snuggled on the couch drooling over Nathan Fillion or David Boreanez.

Yep. Total zelanity around here. Because we are, indeed, our own kind of crazy.

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