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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pizza Night

Pug was enjoying "Daddy Time" tonight,  so I took Pon out for pizza at a local place we'd never gone to before. It was a lot of fun. Pon behaved perfectly during the wait for the pizza and ate 3 whole slices, which is in itself high praise indeed! My only complaint was the bottled drinks, but that's something I can easily get over for good pizza. And, eating pizza at a hole-in-the-wall-recommended-by-locals-kinda-joint made me think back on my favorite pizza places from the past.

The first place I remember loving pizza was in Korea at Anthony's Pizza by the laundromat. My dad was in the Air Force, retiring my sophomore year of college. Anthony's Pizza is a chain, but I don't remember ever seeing it anywhere but on military bases. Of course, I don't remember loving Anthony's after leaving Korea either, so maybe it was a supply and demand thing :) In high school there was a place across the street from the school that I went to a lot with sports teams and clubs called Gianni's that sold slices bigger than the plate and had a house blend of spices and parmesan to sprinkle over your pizza. In college it was Donio's, the 30 inch pie for $18 was both student budget friendly and delicious. When Pug's folk's still lived in the area we went out by them to Little Italy #4 for sicilian pizza that has the perfect amount of crunch and doughiness as well as tasty toppings. Little Vito's Pizza tonight was my first attempt at finding a local pizza in my own town, and I was not disappointed. I'll keep exploring though, just for comparison's sake.

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