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Friday, July 08, 2011


I love taking showers. Especially when I actually get to take one by myself (Pon loves the water, so he usually joins me). I love getting the water to the perfect temperature and just basking in it for a little while. I love the way I feel after scrubbing and shaving. I love the citrus-y scent of my face wash. I love the rich, floral aroma of my body wash. I love the "Professional Salon" fragrance of my shampoo. I love the way my dandruff shampoo makes my scalp feel, even if it doesn't smell that great. I even love the fruitiness of my deodorant.

But not so much when they're mingling afterwards. Especially when I've spend most of the day heartburn-y and nauseous. Yeah, not terribly pleasant all combined like that.

I think it was the chinese food yesterday that started it. More specifically the beef. I don't know about you, dear readers, but I seem to be encountering more and more people with sensitivities to beef. We don't eat much beef in my house because chicken and turkey are remarkably cheaper, and healthier. Even when we go out I tend to order chicken, and on rare occasions, pork. So yesterday, as you may remember, I ordered food quickly because Pon was throwing a fit. I meant to order chicken and broccoli, and may have, but I received beef. I didn't correct them because 1) I was hungry and 2) I had no idea if Pon would behave long enough for them to remake my food. But lesson learned, no more beef for me! Except for beef broth in french onion soup because I refuse to give that up! Until it betrays and gives me heartburn that keep me up all night anyway...

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