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Friday, July 15, 2011

"C" is for Cookie

Heydew and I went shopping after dinner today. Pug and RC were playing Magic so the two of us took Pon out to Micheal's and Target. I've always enjoyed baking, but never considered myself terribly great at it, but recently the baking bug has bitten hard so I've been doing a lot more of it. Seriously, this blog is only two weeks old and I have photographic evidence of two bake-stravaganzas! And today I bought stuff for the next one, whenever that will be at Micheal's because I had clipped a 40% coupon last weekend.

Animal Cookie Cutters

50 of them
You passed the OCD test if you counted them and only got to 48. I was so excited about the purchase that I went through all of them at Heydew's house, but Pon ran off with two. One was an angelfish, I have no idea what the other was, but I think it was a dinosaur. I sorted them out a bit for the picture: see on the left side? There are 9 birds. Nine. There's a goose, a penguin, a dove, a pigeon, a flamingo, an owl, a turkey (for Thanksgiving!), a rooster/roadrunner and a bald eagle/vulture. Heydew and I argued about what those last two were, but I think it all comes down to how you decorate. In addition to the crazy number of birds, there are marine, farm, safari and domestic animals, and a few dinosaurs. There's also a teddy bear and rubber ducky (for baby showers) and a bat (paired with the owl for Halloween?). A few of the cutters we just stared at for a few minutes until we figured them out, like the bumble bee. In addition to the two birds, Heydew and I also debated the llama/giraffe, the lizard until we found the alligator and again the dolphin before finding the shark. The whale is laughably small compared to both of them. Anyway, I think it was a good $6. Huzzah coupons! I also bought a pack of paintbrushes for detail decorating cookies and cakes in the future, though I'll have to keep them out of chocolate, nuts, and dairy goods if I want Rose and a few kids in my mom's group to ever be able to eat my potentially adorable creations. On top of all that, Heydew is *loaning* me a bunch of baking supplies leftover from her culinary school baking class. The food dyes and cake trays will probably not get back to her, but since she'll likely be the one helping me use them up, I think it'll be okay!

Can you tell I'm looking forward to my next bake day?

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