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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Verge of Tears and Violence

Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I was at a farewell dinner for one of the coordinators of my mom's group. 3xK is moving a few states away in a week and a half so 10 of us gathered at a new local restaurant to send her off in good taste. She also gave me a bunch of flours and some food dyes, so I'm hunting for some good bread recipes to make with them. Thanks 3xK! (I told you ladies I had nicknames for you!)

Today, on the other hand, has been trying to say the least. I didn't really cook today either. Well, I make alfredo angel hair with turkey meatballs. Twice. Once for lunch and again for dinner because that's what Pug wanted and Pon and I had just eaten pb&n sandwiches (Peanut Butter and Nutella, yeah, I know how healthy that is...)

The highlights of the day were going to the bounce house with Pon and Pug before Pug went to work today and Pon's face when we bought a "wocket pop" from the "I keen tuck".

The lowlights included, but were not limited to:
  • getting a cavity filled first thing this morning
  • Pon getting up from bed after 15 mins at nap today to show me his "datoo"
  • Pon wetting my bed and his bed, twice, during attempts at nappage
  • Pon dumping half of my body wash into the tub during his bath
 I think the cavity part set me up for a shorter fuse than normal. By the third time Pon wet the bed today I just walked out my front door and cried on the porch for a few minutes. And at this point I'm pretty sure it was more of a punishment to me than to him for telling him "no pool until after your nap" and then sticking with it, but consistency in discipline needs to start now, right? Pug's trying to put Pon to bed now, and I'll be heading to bed in a minute too (not lying, 11pm is super early for me).

I'll cook something phenomenal tomorrow though, I promise. And Heydew is coming over on Thursday to hang out and maybe bake, so yay there! And there's the potential of a playdate on Friday. This week will get better, it will.

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