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Saturday, July 02, 2011

McD's, Potty Training, Coupons. and OWW!

Today for lunch I decided to take Pon to McDonald's. We were going to go through the drive-thru before heading to the farmer's market, but then Pon uttered two magic words: "Mommy, potty". I don't know how many of you are or have survived potty training, but when the trainee says they have to go, it's generally an incredibly urgent thing. So, even though I was at the intercom and it was my turn to order, when the guy on the other side asked me to "wait a second, please," I just pulled into a parking spot and raced Pon inside. His insidious toddler plans came to fruition when he ran to the Play Place after barely getting to the toilet in time. Considering the mass of people at the counter I'd struggled through to make it to the bathroom in the first place, and the line of cars wrapping around the building, I figured he could play for a bit and then we'd order food. We were there for two hours. But, since we ate in rather than in the car, I was able to order a southwestern salad. It was honestly a semi-delightful experience aside from the slow service, receiving the wrong dressing initially and Pon claiming all of my tortilla strips. We left after we discovered the joys of the Play Place bathroom and headed to Target to pick up a few "essentials".

I like to clip and organize coupons. I'm still learning and not too great at it yet. However, I will also never be featured on "Extreme Couponers" despite my plans to create a cross-referenced spread sheet with amount, expiration date, and potential savings at various grocery stores in my vicinity. Yeah, I'm both nerd and dork, I know. So anyway, Pon needed some undies, which happened to be on clearance! So we got a 7 pack of "Spiderman and Friends" and a 3 pack of "Super Why" for less than the 7 pack of "Thomas and Friend" he got for Christmas. (And yes, with 17 pairs of various character themed undies my kid will be set for 3 or 4 months when he moves into the next size group.) He's officially been COMPLETELY out of diapers for 6 days now. I'm so proud! Pug is glad that we no longer have that diaper expense. I'm less thrilled about the slight increase in laundry- hey, he's still learning that timing thing. I also bought shampoo for both me and Pug, random cleaning supplies, sunscreen, various grocery items (mostly Pon snacks, but also milk, eggs, and frozen chicken) and a Pon toy all for just under $60. Like I said earlier, I'm not that awesome yet, but between clearance, coupons, and store card discount I saved about $20, so go me! We also made a quick dash for the potty there, just before checking out, and again, made it just in the nick of time.

In order to celebrate my money saving awesomeness I decided that we were having a frozen pizza for dinner, no veggie, I was feeling rebellious (Okay, I admit, LAZY- and this was on top of already copping out on lunch...) We had a standard Red Baron pizza with pepperoni and sausage in the freezer from my last real grocery trip. Preheat oven, 15 minutes and DONE! Unfortunately my pizza cutter died a month or so back. It was incredibly tragic, the poor thing's handle just split right in half! I resorted to cutting the pizza with my 7 inch santoku knife which should have been fine. But I'm me. Papa says I could be in a completely flat padded room and still manage to find something to trip over. Apparently the crust was a bit overdone because the knife slipped and my left wrist landed in the molten cheese and pepperoni grease. What can I say, all my accident need flair! I'm fine, it's just a bit sore like a sunburn. What did we have for dessert on this massively healthfully minded day, you may ask? Brownies I made two days ago and a glass of skim milk.

Hey, Pon and I at least left the apartment and he got to run around like a maniac for a while with a bunch of different kids! Maybe I'll make it to the farmer's market tomorrow...

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