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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've started a new hobby! It's called quilling, and apparently it an ancient art invented by monks to decorate religious relics and stuff using tightly rolled scraps of thin paper leftover from book making. These days though, it's mostly used for making cards, embellishments, and 3D structures. I've made 5 cards so far, however one of them has been banished from the light of day for being ugly, and one of them really is just a few strips of paper glued to a card. The other three turned out well though!

a monarch butterfly

a birthday card for a 5 yr old girl

a flower and falling heart petal
If you noticed the middle one is a birthday card! An adorable friend of ours is turning 5 tomorrow and her party is on Saturday! I'm making her gift out of this:

yea before shot ;)
Bonus point to anyone who can guess what it will be! That picture is the only hint you get until Saturday after the party, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writer's Block

So I've been doing plenty of cooking and baking, but I just haven't felt the motivation to write about it. I realized today that I hadn't made an entry in over a week, and that's really less than impressive. Yesterday I'd really wanted to grill, but since we live in an apartment with rules about that sort of thing we had to wait for Pug to get off work and head to the park. And then we found out that we were really low on charcoal. Pug then called Jett who brought us extra charcoal, but being the end of summer it got too dark for us to actually eat and the park and the corn took to long to roast anyway. So we came home to oven roast the corn and reheat the chicken that had an absolutely incredible charcoal flavor, which I've missed. I keep telling Pug that the first thing I'm buying when we eventually move into a house is a good charcoal grill. He's told me that's impractical as we may need to buy a fridge or oven. I think I could shop every day, and who needs an oven when I could grill. My dad taught me use a charcoal grill from stacking and lighting the coals to how to lay out the meat when I was 13. So I love charcoal grills, is the point of this rambling mess.

A few nights ago Rose took me and another of her friends to see Cowboy Mouth in concert. I'd never heard of them before that night, but the show was a lot of fun and I will definitely go again, next time their in town.

Pug's other set of parents, Grampy and Grammy are coming to town this weekend for a quick visit. If the weather cooperates, we're thinking of driving a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway and maybe doing a bit of hiking and enjoying a picnic. That should be fun!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I'm Still Here

My parents and one of sisters are visiting this weekend! That means that I'd been crazy busy all last week preparing for their arrival by rearranging more of my apartment and planning a menu. Yesterday they arrived, and today we went to an interactive museum and spent the whole day (minus meals) there! I think that we arrived around 11:30 and stayed until they closed at 5 except for the hour and a half lunch break we took to my favorite asian restaurant. There was a really neat Titanic exhibit going on that Pon wasn't too interested in, but we did get souvenir pictures and postcards of actual passengers. All of us save Pug and Lala survived. Tomorrow we're splitting up, Lala taking me and Mei-mei shopping, and Pug and Pon showing Papa what we do for fun. They're here until Monday morning, and I hope the rest of the weekend goes just as well!