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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Daycare

I've finished my first week in TN. Pon and I enjoyed a non-eventful flight from Raleigh to Nashville last Saturday. The daycare is going pretty well so far. Thursday (the day Grams left, though I had handled most of Wednesday by myself) saw the kids asking me where "Ms L" was, but they seemed to be okay with the fact that is would just be me for a while. Although that's not entirely true, my parents and Mei-mei are driving down all day tomorrow (Pon and I will probably be sleeping when they get here) and will be here through next Saturday. And Pug will be here for a super brief visit late Wednesday morning through Friday noonish. Then it'll just be me for two weeks.

Pon misses his daddy pretty badly. We went to a local Target, even visited their pharmacy today, and Pon was really mad he didn't see Pug. "I want see DADDY!" at increasing volume until I managed to distract him with powdered donuts. I can't blame him though, I miss Pug pretty fiercely myself. We've talked at least once every day, and tonight- thanks to RC and Heydew for the use of their webcam- we were able to Skype. (Side note, as I was typing that last sentence Pug texted to tell me he'd bought a webcam for our home computer tonight, lol) During the conversation Pon seemed more interested in talking to RC, Heydew and Jett than he was Pug, but when we hung up, Pon told me, "Mommy, dat fun! Let do dat gen, talk Daddy!"

Toddler-speak is adorable, by the way.

I'm mostly enjoying myself working with 5 kids 3& under for 12 hours a day. I haven't gone too crazy yet, I don't think, but I really miss my husband. My friends too. I'll be home soon though...