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Monday, July 11, 2011

Brinner and Other Exciting Things

Our favorite meal is Brinner: Breakfast for Dinner.
How much we love brinner.
 Tonight was turkey bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs, and these pancakes without the blueberries or lemon zest as I was out of both. The pancakes were quite tasty, though thin and crepe-like by the time they were done cooking, but that was probably my fault. Food rebel Pon actually ate two (almost) and a bunch of bacon. I'd intended to make these buffalo chicken calzones but I forgot to thaw and marinade the chicken, so we'll probably have those tomorrow night instead.

This is still cleaner than my kitchen.

Heydew is coming over tomorrow for another Bake-Stravaganza, so look forward to that post, it'll be delicious and in no way nutritious!

Yes, there is cosplay.
Rose and I are making plans to attend MystiCon in February, though we already missed the deadline for the super cheap membership passes. MystiCon is a fantasy/sci fi/horror convention in Roanoke, VA. Hopefully we can get our acts together and go, as 1) it'll be tons of fun and 2) Sherrilyn Kenyon is the Guest of Honor Author. Any other ladies who want to join us, let me know pronto as we are looking to book our hotel room this coming weekend or the one after next payday.

Sherrilyn Kenyon wants you to go to MystiCon with me.*

 *Not an actual statement by the unmatched Ms. Kenyon

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