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Friday, July 01, 2011

And so it begins

I'm on a quest- do the things I need to do to take care of my family and find time to do the things that keep me sane. So I'm starting a blog to take care of both. I used to love writing daily in my journal. I wrote poetry and short stories and had ambitions to write a novel or 20 and become internationally known. I even took a creative writing course and another in memoirs in college. Well, now I'm making a public journal that I plan to write in daily and share my adventures in cooking, baking, occasionally crafting, organizing, raising a toddler, and well being a stay at home mom.

I've long had the habit of giving my friends and family nicknames. Anyone who knows me will know to whom I am referring, but to those of you finding your way here from the long reaches of the internet, they will only have funny names. Here is a brief rundown of some of the people I will talk about often:

Pug, my husband
Pon, my son
Lala, my mother
Papa, my father
Mei-mei, my sister
Super Fly, my other sister
RC and HeyDew, our best couple friends
Rose and Monkey, my best friend and her son, my son's best friend
Lucia and Marvel, my other best friend and her son, my son's other best friend

There will be others, but I'll name and identify them whenever that occurs. And, many of these nicknames have stories behind them, so bonus blog posts for slow days!

Well I hear Pon stirring from his nap, and I need to go get started on dinner. Tonight we're having sauteed italian chicken, butter/parmesan pasta, and roasted corn on the cob; YUM!

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