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Sunday, August 07, 2011


Sorry I missed two days in a row! What's up with that?

Friday started with Pon waking up with an eye swollen shut and a pitiable "Mommy, eye? Eye hurt." So Pug rushed him to the pediatrician and he was diagnosed with pink eye. :( A trip to the pharmacy for some $80+ eye drops followed. Oh my good grief! The drops worked wonders though, and only need to be applied three times a day versus the every three hours of the $4 version. We however have mostly been avoiding people (especially other small children) until he's done with his treatment, which will be Tuesday. Yay! He's been really good about letting us put the drops in except once, when I apparently didn't explain myself well enough. Yes, Pon's old enough for me to bribe with popsicles and gummies reason with, if I explain step by step what's going on. Sometimes it even works for sleeping! Unfortunately the pink eye meant I had to cancel on babysitting and letting Pon run around with another boy close to his own age. The mother was very understanding and was able to get off work, but I still felt really bad. My baby being sick didn't help matters any.

Heydew came over to lend me some sanity and assist with grocery shopping today. She was introduced to the wonders of Aldi and seemed to like it. While there I had to grab the supplies to make s'mores cookies. One of Pug's coworkers specifically requested them to celebrate her birthday tomorrow, so I'll be baking those as soon as I get off of here.

It's Sunday so I've clipped and printed a mountain of coupons. There were a few really cool manufacturer/Target overlaps for things like Lysol wipes, Keebler snacks and Mead binders. And I think I may continue this idea of clipping the newspaper coupons then looking at Target's printable coupons so that I don't waste as much of my own ink. Though I did still over print today. But my birthday is coming up and I may need to buy myself a cute new outfit that one of those coupons would be useful for ;)

Alright, I need to bake now so I can still get to bed at a decent hour.

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