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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Time

 *My laptop was having issues last night when I tried to post, so this is actually Wednesday's post.

Pon and I were getting on each other's nerves today. He hasn't had much outside or other kid time since last week when he got pink eye. We did get to see some friends last night, but I don't think it was enough to make up for his deprivation. So I decided that I would help him make a mess craft to productively direct our collective energy. It went over very well, and now my fridge has a lovely, colorful new piece of art.

I have no idea why only one quarter of this picture is fuzzy.
Supplies: glue, construction paper, old cardboard container

Pick two pieces and glue them together across each other.

Glue the paper to the backer
Crumple up each sheet of construction paper

Tear the paper into scraps of various shapes and sizes. This was Pon's favorite step!

Place a dab of glue onto the back of each scrap of paper and let toddler place it on the paper where he wants
Continue until the paper is decorated to your (toddler's) satisfaction. Or, get bored like we did and then lightly cover the whole page in glue then "rain" the scraps over the backer. Pon liked that part too!

Stack some heavy books on top like old textbooks or your yearbook.
Let your creation sit until dry then display prominently on your fridge! The artwork does get a little heavy, so you may need lots of magnets, or a magnet backed chip clip.

Pon really enjoyed this "craft" and wanted to do it again after he woke up from his nap. And I have a ton of construction paper, so I'll get to try this (or a different craft) the next time we can't go out.

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  1. that's a cool idea! I want to do that with old fabric. /storesawayinThingsIwantToDoButProbablyNeverWillfile


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