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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Internetz! And Donuts!

My internet has been wonky for a few days, and yesterday it just gave up completely. Pug called the cable company and they promised to call an hour before they showed up sometime today. The guy called less than ten minutes before he showed up at my door, but he replaced the cable and the modem and was kind enough to not mention the absolute mess my living room was. I fixed that though, by rearranging the whole room after he left. Two nights ago I redid the whole kitchen in preparation for my in laws coming to visit for a super brief time. It started out as just a routine cleaning, but quickly evolved into a makeover of massive proportions. If I keep up this pace, my apartment will be completely redone by the end of the week! If only it could stay clean...

In addition to the massive amount of cleaning therapy I've been indulging in engaged in some minor retail therapy this evening too and spent some of my birthday money! My favorite purchase of the evening?

Yep, I gave in to evil impulses and bought myself a donut maker! I had a "$10 towards anything in the store" card from Kohl's and it was on sale! I'm looking forward to making a batch for breakfast. Pug asked for the sour cream donut recipe listed in the booklet for the first attempt, so that's what we'll make. I'm excited about getting to try all of the recipes listed, and then trying out a few I find on the internet, and then maybe, eventually, trying out a few recipes of my own invention. After Kohl's I went to Target and bought myself some assorted crafting supplies and some chocolate chips. For the donuts, you see. I would never just eat them out of the bag...

I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll stop here. I still need to write up a menu tonight so I can grocery shop tomorrow, and also I need to get up early. To make donuts.

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