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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

National Night Out

Pon and I spent a lot of the day with Heydew, first at McDonald's (yay air conditioned playgrounds!) then at the farmer's market (sadly the peaches were less than impressive so I'll have to try again another day). RC arrived at about the same time Pug did and we all ate linguine alfredo with turkey meatballs and spinach before running off to National Night Out. Pon loved running around with a bunch of other kids, bouncing on the bounce house, and playing catch with Scruff McGruff.

I also managed to get him to sit still for face painting by telling him it was a tattoo.

It's a train! Or, it's supposed to be anyway. Pon threw a fit at bath time when we went to clean it off. I guess my next craft/hobby store run will need to include some face paint!

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