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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My last post (two weeks ago! whoops!) teased you with a picture of an upcoming project. For those of you not on facebook, these pictures will be brand new!

Layered tutu for Super K*

Detail shot of the waistband

Super K*'s cape!
I have more shots on my phone, like the detail of the clasp on the cape, Pon modeling the cape and the two pieces together, but they're downloading funny and I can't find them... I sadly don't have any pictures of K* wearing her birthday gift, but there is still the potential that she'll wear it for Halloween.

I had so much fun making this tutu that I decided I'm making myself one for Halloween too! I found an awesome butterfly mask at Target, along with some matching wings. I plan on doing my hair up in high pig tails. I'm excited because it'll be my first new costume since Pug bought me that costume at Renn Faire when I was 18. Of course, I'll probably be a butterfly or fairy for the next seven years, but that's okay, right?

I haven't done much quilling lately because I let my workspace (the kitchen counter) get cluttered and I just haven't had the patience to put everything where it's supposed to go. Mostly because a lot of it doesn't have a "home"- like the Christmas gifts we don't know where to hide and the apple gourd I bought last week to decorate for fall with.

I'm going to Nashville for a month in one month to help out my Grams, and I'm starting to get excited about it but at the same time I'm getting worried. I haven't been away from Pug for so long since we got married. And Pon certainly hasn't gone that long without his daddy. We've done one week, once in December for Mei-mei's college graduation and again in April for Spring Break, but that was it so far. On the other hand, I'll be working Grams' daycare the whole time, so I won't really have time to miss him during the day. And, watching six kids a day will be good practice for the distant day when Pug and I have our second. I'm also hoping to get my Christmas gifts made during that time (probably getting ambitious there). My parents and at least one of my sisters are planning on visiting for Thanksgiving, too, which will break up the month fairly evenly. I have family on the property too, so I won't even actually be "alone". I'm sure I'll be more settled by the time I leave. One month...

Also, my laptop is ridiculous! My internet keeps cutting out for not reason at all then coming back on. It's not the modem or the router, it's just my laptop. And I don't know why or how to fix it. GRR!

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